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Blackjack card counting, how to practice and tips on how to do it

Card counting in blackjack is the process, which allows determining whether the next card that is about to be received will give an advantage to the player or to the dealer. The blackjack counting strategy ensures the reversal of the house edge that belongs to the casino and allows to bet more when the count provides an advantage to the player. It also ensures the minimization of losses during the gameplay as it is roughly predicted what kind of a card might be dealt with next. The process is also defined as card reading. It is all heavily based on statistical evidence and probability.

Card counting game strategy and tips from professionals

The strategy, which is used during the process of blackjack card counting is all about getting the practice of higher value cards such as cards with faces and aces that benefit the player the most than the dealer. It allows determining how many favorable and less favorable cards are left in the deck after the reshuffle and what is the probability of getting the desired card. The simple card counting is about memorizing the cards that are on the table and the ones that go out.

It is simply tagged as -1 for the cards that have the value of 10 (face cards). Middle cards 7-9 can be marked as 0. The rest 2-6 are tagged as +1 and it also has to be memorized. Experienced players provide the following tips for everyone:

  1. Place the bet depended on the count and use general strategies rules;
  2. Determine the amount of overall bankroll the player needs;
  3. Deviation is inevitable, so be aware of what actions will have to be taken by the player if deviation takes place;
  4. Be aware that counting is dedicated to limit the casino’s house edge but it not always be the case and the player always need to know where to stop;
  5. Always evaluate the risks as card counting gives the only indication and general strategies will have to be used.

Hard counting efficiency depended on the ability of the player to remember the cards. Due to the fact that each person’s ability is different, it cannot be definitely said what efficiency level card counting will provide for each particular person.

blackjack card counting

How to use an online card counting trainer?

There are several blackjack card counting game applications that allow perfecting players’ skills in counting cards. It is a very effective way that provides guidance on how to memorize and calculate the cards. It ensures:

  • By pressing start icon the game will be started;
  • The player calculates the overall value of cards over the course of a period of time (e.g. 40 sec.);
  • Answers will have to be provided by typing it in the box or by ticking the boxes;
  • If the player is correct the trainer will continue with the game;
  • If nit it will indicate mistakes and start over again until some sort of perfections reached.

Online trainer for blackjack card counting may have various difficulty levels and consist of several stages for each game. The target is to be able to memorize and predict as many cards as possible.

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