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Free Video Poker – Fast-Paced And Relaxed Online Poker Entertainment

Since its emergence in the 1970s, video poker has come to stay in the domain of gambling entertainment. It’s well-liked both in land-based parlors – such as Kings Poker – and on the internet, where websites such as Solitaire 247 even allow you to play free video poker solely for fun. Let’s have a closer look at the advantages of video poker over conventional poker and overview some of the recent video poker slots put forward by renowned software providers.

Fascinating Advantages Of Video Poker

Conceptually, video poker is a fine balance between slot machines and poker games. It combines the speedy and laid-back nature of slot gambling with the skill-based approach of regular poker.

  1. Video poker takes little time to master. Even surface knowledge of how to play poker is enough to enjoy free video poker or win in real-cash games.
  2. You do not compete with real opponents, which removes a lot of psychological pressure.
  3. There is no need to scratch your head over the possible hands of opponents or try to predict their further actions. The card combination you arrange is the only thing that determines whether you win or lose.
  4. A video poker player does not have to keep the famous poker face. If you’ve got a lucky hand or the cards don’t go your way, you can let your emotions out. For many players, this liberty enhances their enjoyment of the game.
  5. The systematic betting allows you to easily control and manage your bankroll. On the other hand, betting patterns can be fairly erratic in regular poker.

Many people play video poker intending to transition to regular poker later. But just as many play these machines on the regular, appreciating their stressless and uncomplicated character.

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Latest Online Hits Among Free Video Poker Machines

The RNG-based nature of video poker has given software developers the freedom to create a great many exciting games in this category.

All Aces – On The Lookout For An Ace Quadruplet

A superb Microgaming title that boasts of stylistic simplicity and easy navigation. The general rules are concurrent with Jacks or Better games, but a combo of 4 Ace cards nets you a special hefty payout. A quadruplet of Twos, Threes or Fours results in raised payouts too, while a hand of 2 pairs pays on an even-money basis.

2 Ways Royal – Jackpot-Heavy Free Video Poker Slot

The exciting peculiarity of this game is the presence of two Royal Flush hands in its paytable. There is the Hi Royal Flush (the Ace at the top), and then there’s the Lo Royal Flush. In the latter, the Six is the highest card. The second Royal Flush makes this game ideal for those who pursue grand wins – either of the two combos pays 4000 coins on maxed-out bets.

All American Poker – Stylish Jacks or Better Iteration

This video poker slot by NetEnt is a rebirth of the timeless classic game Jacks or Better. It features a wonderful America-themed presentation, smooth aminations, and simplistic graphics. The gamble option allows you to multiply your winnings by 2x or 4x. Royal Flush brings 4000 coins. The game supports the multi-hand feature – play the video poker for free or cash with up to a hundred hands per bet.

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